Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Week in Uganda

Well, I was supposed to go back to Kansas City last Sunday (July 25) but I decided to stick around in Uganda for another week (and no I haven’t been working on my tan). I figured since it takes so long to get over here I might as well stay, because it’s takes just as long going the other way. While I’m here I’ll get to attend the next Peace Journalism seminar in Kampala, which is today and tomorrow. On August 1 I’ll head to Amsterdam – where I’ll be for five days, hopefully with a detour to Paris for a day or two – and on August 6 I’ll head home. I’ve yet to work out all the details – like where I’m going to stay and how I’m going to pay for this (I might actually have to get a job when I get home) – but I’m guessing it will all work out.

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